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What do I wear?  What should my hair look like?  Straight, curly, up , down?  Phew!

I have heard it all, and just let me tell you there is no easy answer.  This is why we find it so important to meet with the student prior to their photos.  This way we can get all their questions answered, and it gives us the ability to meet the client and give our input on what we feel may be good options. For those looking for tips, we find that every student is different in their needs and desires.  Some like to have their photos more casual, while others more dressy.  Some are looking for their hair styled and make up done.  Others want colors and some black and white. When trying to figure out what to wear we recommend staying away from plaids or stripes, wearing pieces like that will take away from the focus which is you.  Look for solid colors. Depending on the look you are going for will determine the outfit.  For example, if you want the kinda hippie 60’s throwback, then you may want to wear faded jeans and a peasant top.

In our studio we like have the option of a fan blowing to give the hair and image a sense of movement.  It creates a distinct look and feel.

Hair styles depend a lot on the shape of your face.  If your face is rounder, then something sleek might be best for you.  If your face is thinner, then go with a style that gives your face a little width.  Our 27 years of experience in the beauty business will help guide you on the right style.

If you able to use props, by all means use them if you choose.  Personally, I feel it can take away from the photo.  Once I had a gentleman wear a special bracelet that his little sister made for him, that was cool.

“Having a bowling ball in the photo, well, not so much”


Anyone can take a picture . . . few can capture a moment,


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