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Family & Kids Photography

To be blessed with a family of my own, I understand how fast time goes by. This is why family photography is a real joy. We specialize in family photos that have interest. We like to pick out locations that allow the opportunity to photograph with different backgrounds. Whether it be a bean field in fall, or an old barn in the middle of nowhere..

What ever the desire for your family , you can be sure that our heart will go into every shot. This in turn gives someone the ability to look back in time, and remember…….when
Pricing: $349  The photo shoot includes approximately 1/2 hours of photography. You will receive unique photos that will be put on a thumb drive for you to print at your convenience. Each shot will be in color & black and white. $199 is due at the time of the photo shoot, and the remainder is due when you receive your thumb drive.

I will give you recommendations of where to have them printed, so you will be assured of a high quality print.

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